Policy Agenda

SBAM recently released its Small Business Policy Agenda. Download your copy here.


In Support of Small Business

You have a business to run, so the team at SBAM constantly monitors issues affecting small business so you don’t have to.  SBAM also helps to give you and other small business owners a voice in the democratic process by connecting members with influential policymakers.

You can help protect your small business and help bolster Michigan’s entrepreneurs by getting involved today.

SBAM has an easy way for you to contact your elected officials. Take action now and voice your support for small business by:

  • Contacting your legislators
  • Examining voting records   
  • Locating your elected officials
  • Tracking key issues
  • Learning about elections

Latest Legislative News

Michigan’s Legislature Passes Amendments on Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Mandates

Late last night, the Michigan Legislature sent their amendments to both Michigan’s Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave laws that were passed in early September to the Governor’s desk to be signed. With the original legislation being extremely burdensome to Michigan’s business community, a coalition of Michigan job providers including the Small Business Association of Michigan formed “Small Business for a Better Michigan” to advise the legislature to make needed changes to the burdensome legislation.