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BEST VALUE! VIP membership is for engaged small business owners who are interested in tapping into SBAM's multitude of services. 

Erick Stewart VIPHere's what is exclusively available to VIP members in addition to Premium benefits:

  • Complimentary Crain's Detroit Business or MiBiz subscription
  • Free ticket to the SBAM Annual Meeting & Networking Luncheon
  • Exclusive legislative event
  • Concierge service 
  • Free subscription to SBAM Pulse
  • Complimentary workplace poster
  • Complimentary posting on the SBAM Talent Exchange
  • Discounted advertising rates for SBAM publications
  • Discounted Summary Plan Description (if not enrolled in an SBAM sponsored plan)
  • One free SBAM meeting room rental (subject to availability)
  • Complimentary advertorial package  (materials provided for your use)



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