Payroll Administration

Payroll and Employee Benefit Administration

Manage everything from payroll to insurance benefits - all in one place.

Let's face it, managing people is an expensive, time-consuming task for any small business. Payroll and taxes, employee benefits, ERISA and ACA compliance are just a few of your responsibilities.  SBAM understands how difficult it can be - and we're happy to provide you with a solution!

Choose Your Level Of Service

With SBAM Connectivity, powered by Benepay Technologies, you can choose your level of service from standard payroll administration all the way up to a fully integrated system that includes payroll, HR, time and attendance, benefits administration, and expense management. 

With SBAM Connectivity, you will have the ability to track, and in some cases, report information related to the Affordable Care Act requirements including:

  • Employee acknowledgement of their receipt of a Summary Plan Description and Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  • Employees receiving their Notice of Exchange
  • Full-time and part time status, hours worked in their measurement, stability and look-back periods
  • IRS Section 6055 and 6056 reports
  • A tool to calculate whether your program is meeting requirements and in compliance with the law   
Simplify your life by combining your numerous administrative tasks into a clear and simple process with SBAM Connectivity Payroll and SBAM Connectivity BenAdmin.  

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A customized payroll system built specifically for your company, streamlining all your functions -- simplifying payroll and tax processing -- handling both employees and contractors in one clean system. 

  •  Capture time
  •  Allocate labor cost 
  •  Communicate with employees
  •  Track leave
  •  Process payroll
  •  Integrate HR processes
  •  Calculate benefit costs 
  •  File and report taxes
  •  Administer benefits
  •  Reimburse expenses
  •  Integrate HR transactions
  •  Manage expenses

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Available either as a stand-alone product or fully integrated with Connectivity Payroll, BenAdmin is a seamless solution for managing your employee benefits and HR administration of all of your medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, group life and disability plans.  BenAdmin will help you eliminate manual procedures for every new hire, employee change, and termination with a single, streamlined system. 


  • Employee benefits eligibility management  
  • Electronic employee benefits eligibility and enrollment 
  • Premium computation
  • Carrier updates and file feeds
  • Administrative dashboard that brings together all the information you need to successfully manage your employee benefits
  • Tracking and reporting of any Affordable Care Act measurement, stability or administrative periods in place  
  • IRS Section 6055 and 6066 reporting


Save time, reduce costly errors, and discover cost reductions -- for significant overall savings! 

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ACA Reporting

The Affordable Care Act requires that employers report every employee's monthly eligibility and enrollment status on IRS Form 1094-C and 1095-C each year.  Our partner, Benepay Technologies, ACA Reporting service offers the following key features FREE with the Connectivity BenAdmin and Payroll:

  • Determines your employee's monthly status
  • Calculates corresponding ACA codes
  • Records ACA status each month
  • Interactive ACA online Dashboard
  • On-demand reporting analysis for proactive compliance management
  • Simple 3-step account set-up
  • Processes and sends Form 1095-C to your location
  • Electronically files 1094-C with the IRS