How To Take Action


Connect with your Legislators -
The better our legislators know our members the louder our association's voice will be. Look for opportunities to meet with and introduce yourself to your legislator by following them on social media or looking out for events in your community! Don't know who your legislator is? Look them up!

Engage in various "Call to Action" policies -

As a small business owner, your voice is powerful, and legislators want to hear your opinion. Occasionally our office will reach out with a “Call-to-Action” on a specific policy that we feel is extremely important to the small business community. When we do this we will provide information on the policy, show you how to connect with your legislators, and provide an open line to our advocacy staff if you ever require more information or assistance.

Serve on a Task Force -

The Small Business Association of Michigan utilizes volunteer-based task forces to review, analyze and discuss how the small business community should be involved in specific issues. The current task forces in place will continue to work toward creating positions we can advocate for with regard to ballot proposals, legislation and new policymakers.

Marijuana: Looks at the impact of a proposed ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan.

Health Care Cost Containment: Looks at policy decisions that impact the cost for small businesses to provide health care to their employees

Procurement: How Michigan can be more accessible and encouraging to small business who would like to bid on state contracts.

Entrepreneurship: Focused on how we create an environment in Michigan that is conducive and supportive of business startups.

Talent: How Michigan can help (or remove barriers) for small business to find, train, and retain the employees needed to run and grow their business.

If you would like to get involved with a task force or want more information contact Micah at

Attend our Engage Events -

SBAM sets up Engage events across the state in order to connect you, other small business owners and your local lawmakers. This is a great way for you to meet and get more comfortable with your legislators, and fellow business owners. A list of upcoming events can be found at

Stay Informed -

Sign up for SBAM’s Watchdog and Eye on Lansing. Both of these avenues allow you to keep up on state politics without having to go out of your way. We will sort through everything that is going on in Lansing and deliver the news we believe is most important for you.

Invest Now

Donate to the PAC -

Contributing to SBAM’s Small Biz PAC allows us to have a louder voice. These funds go directly to candidates that we believe will further the ideals of small business.

SBAM's Action Center below allows you to view information on special alerts, pending legislation, and legislator voting activity. You can also contact your legislators directly!