From SBAM on the Issues - Updated 2/5/2013

  1. Elected officials should first look to where to save the taxpayers’ money and examine how the state can cut and reform existing programs before seeking revenue enhancements;
  2. Positions will reflect putting Michigan on solid economic footing by strengthening and enhancing Michigan’s economy;
  3. SBAM will present solutions, not problems;
  4. Michigan’s small business taxpayers work hard and they expect a good value for the taxes they pay;
  5. State government should be accountable to the taxpayers by making efficient and prudent use of those tax dollars;
  6. The recent budget crisis and tax debate must be used as an opportunity to address how state government is structured overall and how we change or modify to position the state for economic recovery; and,
  7. We will respectfully, but aggressively, work in a positive manner within the process to affect the debate with these guiding principles.

 (LAC 10/08/07) (BOARD APPROVED 10/26/07)