SBAM adopts the following principles regarding Energy:

  • The state should maintain competition in the Energy Market because the market is the best mechanism to control energy prices.
  • Choice of energy supplier should be available on an equal basis for all businesses.
  • The state should ensure that all energy consumers pay a rate that is commensurate with actual use, rather than favoring certain consumer classes. 
  • Economic development rates which give special breaks to certain consumers while ensuring the rest pay higher energy rates should be discouraged.
  • Charges outside of the normal rate structure that are assessed on energy consumers, if any, should be low enough to be accessible for all businesses and not serve to discourage energy choice.
  • Consideration must be given to the steps necessary to make sure that Michigan has the energy generation capability it will need in the future. Therefore, financing options for increasing or replacing existing power plants need to taken into account.
  • SBAM supports the expanded use of alternative renewable energy sources.  Those sources include, but are not limited to wind, sun, heat from the earth’s interior, oceans and rivers, and eligible biomass.  
    • The state should provide incentives for the creation, retention, expansion and attraction of alternative energy companies.
    • Safeguards must be put in place to ensure that any steps made to increase the use of renewable energy do not result in rate increases for small businesses.
  • SBAM supports the use of nuclear energy as part of a diverse energy portfolio.

(LAC 4/07/08)  (BOARD APPROVED 4/24/08)

SBAM opposes government mandated Renewable Energy Standards which will result in rate hikes for commercial rate payers.  State energy policy should support innovation and technology deployment based on free market principles.  Laws regulating the utilities should not be so rigid as to stifle investment in infrastructure and innovation.
(LAC 3/26/12) (BOARD APPROVED 05/03/12)