Small Biz PAC

Giving to the PAC helps SBAM make a big impact

Small Biz Pac

With the combined support of over 26,000 small businesses in Michigan, SBAM has become a major factor in electing pro small business candidates and advancing entrepreneurial issues.

Using the knowledge, experience and expertise of small business owners across the state in a variety of different industries, WE are able to say what is good for small business.  Through our legislative tracking and voting scorecard reports, SBAM is able to hold legislators accountable.  Many politicians say that they are friends of small business, but through our systematic research and in-depth debate of issues, the members of SBAM are able to determine who are truly champions of small business.  

With your help, we can continue these efforts.  With the proper tools at our disposal, we can continue our record of excellence in shaping the entrepreneurial climate in Michigan.  

SBAM Offers two Small Biz PACs

  • Maximize influence on elections and ballot initiatives. 
  • Investments made are not eligible for charitable deductions for tax returns. 


The Small Biz PAC allows SBAM to directly support candidates and elected officials who support small business and private enterprise.  Small Biz PAC donations must be made from a personal account/partnership/LLC credit card or check.


Small Biz PAC II provides SBAM with the ability to further our mission of creating a vibrant economy based on small business growth.  Your investment allows us to further serve the small business community through promotion of small business legislative issues and initiatives. These funds are not tax deductible but can be made with corporate funds.

Contribute online today or contact SBAM's Lori Birman at (517) 267-2205 or