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The experts at the American Society of Employers are here to help. With ASE, you'll find that informed decisions come quicker and easier without having to make unnecessary fee-for-service calls. ASE also offers SBAM members human resource consulting, discounts on employee handbooks, and a variety of pre-employment screening services.

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Free HR Hotline

Using this service allows you to continue on with other important responsibilities while your question is researched and answered without a worry on your part. You will save time and money by taking advantage of unlimited access to ASE's extensive resources.

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Employee Handbooks

An effective employee handbook is critical in today's legally-charged employment atmosphere. A handbook not only introduces your company and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, but also is an effective communication tool that provides information on company policies, procedures, and compensation programs.

Unwritten and un-communicated policies can lead to inconsistent and arbitrary treatment of employees, which may trigger employment discrimination complaints or increase the chances of labor organizing. 

An SBAM member can get assistance reviewing or updating an existing document, or developing a complete, customized employee handbook. This service includes:

  • Auditing your organization's policies
  • Identifying compliance and content weaknesses for correction
  • Recommending a complete set of policy statements that reflect your organization's goals and objectives 
  • Developing user-friendly language to explain your organization's policies and procedures

Pre-Employment Screening Services

Among the most costly HR functions – in terms of time, money and effort – is the hiring process. Selecting the wrong person results in a wasted recruitment effort, lost production, ongoing personnel issues and possible backlash once you decide you need to terminate that person’s employment. SBAM members have access to an in-depth reference check and background investigation service that can help eliminate the hidden dangers of hiring a new person. 

Get reports for all of your employment candidates detailing:  

  • past job performance
  • educational background
  • criminal history
  • driving records
  • credit reports
  • social security traces

Let us get you the facts before you make a costly mistake by hiring the wrong person for the job.

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Workplace Posters

Are your workplace posters in compliance with Michigan Department of Labor laws? SBAM makes labor law compliance easy and affordable through our relationship with the American Society of Employers (ASE).  ASE has established a partnership with GovDocs, one of the largest providers of labor law posters in the country.  Labor law posters purchased through GovDocs ensure that you are in full compliance.  Through our relationship with ASE, SBAM members will receive a 15% discount rate on all poster purchases. Get more details.

Learning & Advancement

The ASE Learning & Advancement team has been providing quality learning experiences that increase skills, knowledge, performance and effectiveness in the workplace for over 50 years!

ASE courses provide quality learning experiences that help your employees optimize their job performance. Courses are designed around critical skills for today’s workplace. Training offerings cover these and other subject categories:

  • Employment Law 
  • Compensation and Benefits 
  • Labor Relations 
  • Human Resource Policy and Procedures 
  • Management Development 
  • General Development

SBAM members can register for any of ASE’s public training and development courses and receive a registration fee discount.  Seats are available on a first-come/first-serve basis. The complete course guide and dates are available online at www.aseonline.orgBe sure to indicate on the registration form that you're an SBAM member to receive the discounted registration fee.