Workplace Posters

Discounted Posters Available

SBAM offers workplace posters at a discounted rate for our Premium & VIP members. Please login or upgrade to view ordering details. Questions? Call (800) 362-5461.

Are your workplace posters in compliance with Michigan Department of Labor laws? 

SBAM makes labor law compliance easy and affordable through our relationship with the American Society of Employers (ASE).  ASE has established a partnership with GovDocs, one of the largest providers of labor law posters in the country.  Labor law posters purchased through GovDocs ensure that you are in full compliance.  Through our partnership with ASE, SBAM Premium & VIP members will receive a 15% discount rate on all poster purchases.


You must be logged in as a Premium or VIP member to view the instructions below.  Please click the link to access the GovDocs website where posters may be ordered directly from the vendor.  Be sure to include the promotion code in order to receive the 15% discount. Options for state and federal posters:

  • Laminated Federal and State Poster Annual Subscription
  • Electronic Federal and State Poster Annual Subscription
  • Laminated Federal and State Poster set
  • Electronic Federal and State Poster set
  • Laminated Federal-on-One Poster
  • Electronic Federal Poster Set
  • Laminated State-on-One Poster
  • Electronic State Poster Set
For more information, please contact Kellie Neirynck, Senior Director of Products & Services with SBAM at (800) 362-5461.