Information Technology

Technology is constantly changing, so how can you be sure your systems are up-to-date?  We can help you learn how to manage and use the technological tools you need to operate efficiently.  You'll also find easy and affordable ways to outsource your information technology needs, ensuring the security and optimal effectiveness of your systems.  Because let's face it ... unless you are in the IT business, you probably need some help.

SBAM Cybersecurity Solutions

The SBAM Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is a series of questions and weighted answers that will help you find the gaps in your business that make your company vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Based on your results, you’ll receive a report about your cybersecurity risks.  

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Employee Identity Theft Protection

PrivacyArmor® by InfoArmor proactively monitors the information, accounts, and transactions related to your identity in order to spot fraud at its earliest signs.  If you do become the victim of fraud or theft, a dedicated Privacy Advocate will help you through every stage of resolving it. 

You don’t have to figure out who to call, scour webpages for the correct forms, or worry about how much undoing theft will cost you.

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Managed IT Services

Whether you have an in-house I.T. department or you’re a small business with limited resources, we’ve got your back. NuWave’s proven process starts with understanding your vision to build and manage an I.T. strategy that supports your organization.

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Cloud-based IT Services

Whether it resides in our Cisco based private environment, or our world class public cloud ecosystem, NuWave Connect is a powerful cloud computing solution that allows you and your team to be productive from anywhere.

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