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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

How do your customers really feel about you and your business?

Far too often, a business owner's ideas about organization strengths and weaknesses don't line up with the things that their customers experience.  As a result, you may spend your time and resources moving down paths that focus on the wrong things.

Inspired Deep Dive is committed to helping you maintain and strengthen your existing client relationships by approaching your existing client base.  This proactive process helps identify what your clients believe your core strengths to be and allows IDD to help you craft a customer-driven marketing strategy rather than taking a shot in the dark.

IDD identifies what your clients believe are your core strengths and in turn you identify from their perspectives.

How It Works

IDD's customer satisfaction surveys stem from a two-pronged approach in order to provide the best snap shot of external perception of your business.

First, a thorough survey is conducted of your existing client base.  IDD works with you to determine if phone-based or a combination of on-site hand held and web-based surveys will be the most effective.  While you help craft the questions, the survey process is entirely performed by IDD staff with an intensive quality control procedure to ensure data integrity.

Second, IDD designs a highly readable report that includes a general summary with totals of how each question was answered, a graphical view of the same totals, a break-down of clients into three levels of satisfaction, a transcript of each client's answers, and an embedded audio file of the actual conversation with the client.  This information is reviewed with you in detail, including a strategy document detailing some recommendations that IDD makes based upon the results.

SBAM Member Pricing

To get a statistically accurate results, IDD needs to survey at least a 25% sample of your client base.

Pricing is as follows:
Set Up Fee -- Normally $250 - $175 for SBAM members
Per Survey -- Normally $50 - $40 for SBAM members

The experts at IDD can help you pinpoint what your clients and customers see as your strengths and weaknesses, from a third party perspective,  and craft a strategy to highlight the positives and eliminate the negatives.

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