How to Leverage Fringe Benefits and Make More Competitive Bids

In general, government contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder. Yet prevailing wage laws require contractors to pay wages that are comparable to those for similar work in the same city or geographical area. Such laws can make it difficult for contractors to win public projects. However, you may have an opportunity to reduce costs and make your bids more competitive by leveraging fringe benefits. Let's look at this strategy.

When to Value an ESOP

One option business owners choose for succession planning is an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). ESOPs can empower and retain employees as well as provide tax savings, but careful consideration needs to be given to how and when these plans are valued.

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5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Fraud in 2020

In January, many companies are preoccupied preparing budgets, forecasts and performance-related goals for the year. So, it's all too easy to overlook plans for preventing fraud. But to avoid financial losses and maintain a healthy organization, you need to give your fraud prevention efforts some attention this month. Here are five things your business can do to reinvigorate your internal controls and other fraud deterrents.