The Art of Compromise

In 1987, the book The Art of the Deal was released outlining now President Donald Trump’s formula for business success. The book took roughly two years to write, edit and release and sold in the vicinity of 1 million copies.  Fast forward 30 years; today Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to craft a sequel and he would like just 50 Senators to buy his book.  

Who's on first?

Health Care Reform

Scott Lyon, Senior Vice President
Small Business Association of Michigan

Having spent Monday – Wednesday of last week in Washington, D.C. meeting with several members of the Michigan Senate and House delegation, discussion of health care was at the top of our agenda.  In each meeting we reminded folks that cost is the problem and anything that does not get at the root cause of the issue will be met with severe skepticism on our part.  

From those conversations we knew the Senate would be releasing their discussion draft for health care reform on Thursday, June 22.  The Senate released the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) and while it closely resembles the American Health Care Act approved by the House of Representatives in May, there are some key differences.  Both target the Affordable Care Act for repeal.  But what happens next is still an open question as the Senate has a few options; because this bill is being done via reconciliation the debate will be limited to just 20 hours, split between the Republicans and Democrats.