Are Your Security Systems and Employees Prepared to Fight off Potential Hackers?

How can you ensure that an appropriate cybersecurity system is established at your organization and verify that it is functioning effectively? Although you might not know every detail regarding IT security, as a business manager, you should understand your infrastructure and know if your policies and procedures are in place and working as intended.

Employee Gifts – Are They Taxable?

‘Tis the season when employers often will provide employees with “gifts” of some type. We all know the entity in town that gives all of its employees a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas. While this is a wonderful gesture on the part of the employer, is it compensation to the employee?

There's an Art to Networking

Networking goes far beyond small talk and the exchange of business cards. Your ability to prepare, connect and follow up is what takes you from a beginner to a master in the art of networking. Derek Dickow developed a successful strategy to help professionals at any stage in their career.