SBAM issues “Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan” White Paper

As part of its ongoing public policy initiative geared to revitalizing Michigan’s economy, the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) today issued a “Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan” White Paper. The research document, available for download here, adds detail to the reasoning behind SBAM’s efforts to encourage a significant shift in the state of Michigan’s economic development efforts toward “economic gardening.”


“We seek to temper the public sector’s traditional role of using tax credits and incentives to lure industry and business from outside the state, and instead suggest a new emphasis on making Michigan welcoming and nurturing for the home-grown, high-growth small businesses that are proven to be the true job-makers,” says SBAM President and CEO Rob Fowler.


The White Paper details the elements of a successful economic gardening strategy, including information, infrastructure and environment; lists the services valued by growth-oriented business owners and explains how Michigan’s economy and citizens will benefit from economic gardening.


SBAM seeks feedback and reactions to the White Paper. That input will be used to help shape SBAM’s next major initiative in the Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan campaign: a ‘blueprint” for Michigan’s future economic direction that will be issued in early October.


The White Paper was prepared for SBAM by Public Policy Associates of Lansing with the support of the Edward Lowe Foundation, Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Small Business Foundation of Michigan.


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Vote in the Aug. 3 Primary Election! See SBAM's endorsements here

The Small Business Association of Michigan’s Small Biz PAC has endorsed candidates for Michigan State House and State Senate races.

In this audio podcast, Michael Rogers talks with Director of Government Relations Mike Batterbee about how the candidates were selected and why they deserve the support of small business voters in the Aug. 3 primary.


Questions? Contact Mike Batterbee at (800) 362-5461.


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Automation Alley in Troy to host July 27 discussion of SBAM’s 2010 Entrepreneurship Score Card

Learn more about how Michigan stacks up against our competitor states in supporting and growing entrepreneurs by attending this July 27 program at Automation Alley in Troy. The Small Business Association of Michigan’s President and CEO Rob Fowler, along with Score Card author and entrepreneurship expert Mark Clevey, will discuss the results of the association’s sixth annual Entrepreneurship Score Card.


The event will take place from 1:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. at Automation Alley, 2675 Bellingham in Troy. There is no charge to attend. Register at Automation Alley's website.


In addition to discussing the Entrepreneurship Score Card, Fowler and Clevey will also talk about the Small Business Association of Michigan’s grow-from-within “Economic Gardening” economic development model and the association’s entrepreneurship-focused public policy agenda.


SBAM in the News: Economic gardening, paperwork issues in health care reform, social networking for small businesses

Crain’s Detroit Business has an article entitled “For economic development, SBAM wants state to help entrepreneurs, not woo out-of-state companies.” Excerpt:

“If you go out to Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs are heroes,” (SBAM Vice President Communications Michael Rogers) said. “At the turn of the century, we were the leader in innovation, and now we need to retool and refocus our (economic development) efforts to create a culture that rewards risk taking and entrepreneurial thinking that can lead to small-business growth.”Read the entire article here.

The Detroit News article “Marketers learning how to use sites like Facebook, Twitter” quotes SBAM as observing that “developing an effective social media strategy isn’t easy.” Read the article here.

Finally, SBAM board member David Rhoa, owner of Lake Michigan mailers in Kalamazoo, was featured on WWMT-TV3 in a report criticizing the new health care law’s onerous 1009 form provisions. View below:

Legislative Round-Up: Week of July 5th

Next Reform -- State Employee Retirement Bills?

U.S. Senate to Take Up Jobs Bill This Month

IRS Taking Comments on 1099 Reporting Issue

Next Reform--State Employee Retirement Bills?

In May when the legislature passed the school employee retirement bills, many in Lansing assumed that the early retirement bills for state employees would not be far behind.

However, that has not been the case.   Resistance from the state employee unions has been strong and the bills, which are estimated to save approximately $100 million have not been taken up in the Democrat controlled House.  The Senate passed the bills months ago, and Gov. Granholm not only supports the bills but announced the plan this past winter.

However, there have been two budget related events which may move these bills up on the priority list.  The first is that the current year budget is about $300 million in deficit because of lower than anticipated revenues.  The second is that the federal government has yet to pass the Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentages that the states were counting on to cover some of their Medicaid expenses.  For Michigan this amounts to about $560 million dollars.  

This has brought more attention to potentially passing the state employee retirement bills.  Rumors circulated that the bills may have been brought up before the current legislative recess.  We will continue to press for these reforms.  While it is not expected that they will be taken up before the end of the month; we hope they can be passed into law before the end of the summer.

U.S. Senate to Take Up Jobs Bill This Month

The U.S. Senate introduced the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 early last week.  The bill contains various provisions that will benefit many small businesses.

Included in the bill are provisions that would:
  • provide for 100% exclusion of capital gains for small businesses,
  • create a small business lending fund, 
  • extend the bonus depreciation of 50% in the first year for qualifying purchases; 
  • and something that we’ve long sought, the ability of business owners to deduct the cost of health insurance for themselves and their families when calculating the self-employment tax.
While we are still reviewing various details of the bills, we believe that a number of these provisions will be beneficial.

Here is a summary of the bills that we received from our national affiliate the National Small Business Association.

IRS Taking Comments on 1099 Reporting Issue

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has formally invited public comment on how to most effectively carry out the law change that, starting in 2012, will require businesses to report a wider range of payments to contractors, vendors and others, on Form 1099.

According to the IRS, these comments will help the IRS issue guidance (later this summer) that implements this provision in a manner that minimizes burden and avoids duplicate reporting.

Under a proposed regulation, many business purchases made with credit or debit cards would be exempt from the new reporting requirement because they are already reported by banks and other payment processors. The IRS seeks comments on additional circumstances in which duplicate reporting might otherwise occur and on rules that would prevent such duplicate reporting.

The change, enacted in March through the health care reform law but not effective until 2012, expanded existing reporting requirements to include a busines

(Audio) Small Business Champion: Small biz candidates endorsed (4:50)

The Small Business Association of Michigan’s Small Biz PAC recently endorsed candidates for Michigan State House and State Senate races. In this audio podcast, Michael Rogers talks with Director of Government Relations Mike Batterbee about how the candidates were selected and why they deserve the support of small business voters in the Aug. 3 primary.


Click here to listen.


Read about SBAM's endorsements:





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SBAM Stamps of Approval

The Stamp of Approval is given in seats where there are multiple candidates who have been deemed to be friendly to the small business agenda.  It is not to be considered a full-fledged endorsement.

House Stamp of Approval

2nd District    Scott Benson (D-Detroit)
2nd District    Rose Jones (D-Detroit)
14th District    Frank Liberati (D-Allen Park)
14th District    Brittany Guerriero (D-Allen Park)
21st District    Shannon Price (R-Canton)
21st District     Lori Levi (R-Canton)
23rd District    Daniel McIntyre (R-Grosse Ile)
23rd District    Matthew McCormick (R-New Boston)
23rd District    Pat Somerville (R-New Boston)
33rd District    Giuseppe Biondo (R-Macomb)
33rd District    Pete Vitale (R-Clinton Twp.)
46th District    Bradford Jacobsen (R-Oxford)
55th District    Frank Chrzanowski (R-Dundee)
55th District    Mary Kay Thayer (R-Lambertville)
55th District    Rick Olsen (R-Saline)
64th District    Jane Grover (R-Jackson)
64th District    Earl Poleski (R-Jackson)
70th District    Rick Outman (R-Six Lakes)
70th District    Lloyd Scoby (R-Greenville)
70th District    Ed Sternisha (R-Saranac)
71st District    Brit Slocum (R-Lansing)
71st District    Cheryl Haddock (R-Grand Ledge)
71st District    Laurie Raines (R-Grand Ledge)
71st District    Deb Shaughnessy (R-Charlotte)
72nd District    Ken Yonker (R-Caledonia)
72nd District    Eric Larson (R-Kentwood)
73rd District    Bob Becker (R-Ada)
73rd District    Jeanine Herlacher (R-Rockford)
73rd District    Peter MacGregor (R-Rockford)
73rd District    Dennis Smith (R-Belmont)
75th District    Jordan Bush (R-Grand Rapids)
75th District    Bing Goei (R-Grand Rapids)
77th District    Dave VanHouten (R-Wyoming)
77th District    Frank Murin (R-Byron Center)
77th District    Thomas Hooker (R-Byron Center)
77th District    Nate Vriesman (R-Byron Center)
77th District    Rusty Richter (R-Wyoming)
77th District    Scott Barton (R-Byron Center)
80th District    William Queen (R-Lawrence)
80th District    Douglas Harrington (R-Lawrence)
80th District    Aric Nesbitt (R-Lawton)
80th District    Frank Thompson (R-Paw Paw)
83rd District    Eric Tubbs (R-Sandusky)
83rd District    Paul Muxlow (R-Brown City)
83rd District    Ed Smith (R-Lexington)
85th District    Ben Glardon (R-Owosso)
85th District    Dennis Rainwater (R-Durand)
85th District    David Lazar (R-Owosso)
85th District    Harold Kuisel (R-Bath)
99th District    Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant)
99th District    Christine Alwood (R-Mt. Pleasant)
100th District    Jon Bumstead (R-Newaygo)
100th District    Jane Drake (R-Fremont)
100th District    Marc Libants (R-Newaygo)
101st District    John Arens (R-Cedar)
101st District    Ray Franz (R-Onekama)
103rd District    Susan Vick (R-West Branch)
103rd District    Larry Boyce (R-Lupton)
103rd District    Bruce Rendon (R-Lake City)
103rd District    Dave Ryan (R-Alger)
103rd District    Phil Bendil