Employers Expanding Paid Leave

According to new survey from Business Group on Health, a majority of large employers here in the U.S. are working to expand their paid leave benefits.  The 2020 Employers’ Leave Strategy and Transformation Survey found that most employers are adding or considering new types of paid leaves or increasing the number of days available for leave. 

What is Biophilic Design and How Can it Improve Workplace Productivity?

Biophilia is defined as the inherent human desire to affiliate with nature.  Biophilic design, an extension of biophilia, is the practice of using architecture and building design to connect people and nature.  This is accomplished through incorporation of natural building materials, natural light, vegetation, and nature views into an urban environment.  So how can using biophilic design in a work environment improve employee productivity?

What’s Your Decision-Making Style?

Does making a decision come easily to you or do you struggle to come up with the perfect solution? Everyone has a personal decision-making style, but that style may not always be the best one for your business. The most effective leaders use a combination of styles depending on the decision being made. Essentially, there are four decision-making styles.