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Agent Alert: SBAM now offers an AHP

October 1, 2018

SBAM is constantly looking for solutions to business challenges on behalf of our members.  Access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance programs continues to rank at the top of small business owner concerns, and with a tight labor market, our members need options that allow them to compete with much larger companies for the talent they need to be successful.  That’s why we have teamed up with the Michigan Business & Professional Association (MichBusiness) to provide a fully insured Association Health Plan.  

Let us introduce you to Transcend Association, a nonprofit association that represents the interests of small business and helps them through daily business life, with primary focus on their human resources needs, compliance solutions and having the right resources to thrive in the Michigan business community.

Through our partnership with Transcend Association, SBAM and MichBusiness are able to enroll sole proprietors and companies with 50 or fewer enrolled employees in health coverage through an Association Health Plan (AHP) –TranscendAHP. 

SBAM and MichBusiness members can join Transcend Association at a discounted membership rate and have access to the TranscendAHP health plans. TranscendAHP pools members together, giving small employers new opportunities that were previously only available to larger companies. All plans are underwritten by Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan and Blue Care Network and offer rate stability, the flexibility of benefit options and recognition of preferred demographics.  Employees can choose from several benefit plan options with varying deductibles and coinsurance. Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions.

As an Association Health Plan, TranscendAHP is not subject to all of the regulations and benefit mandates of the Affordable Care Act.  Therefore, the plans offered may be less expensive.  Please note that the TranscendAHP does not replace any existing Blues coverage SBAM is currently offering, but provides small businesses with additional options.

All licensed agents throughout the state of Michigan can contact AHP Management Solutionspowered by TGG Solutions for assistance with quoting, enrollment, servicing, billing and paying commissions for all TranscendAHP products.  Contact the dedicated team at TGG Solutions to request a TranscendAHP quote today!




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