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Don’t wait until it’s too late.

SBAM’s cybersecurity partner, SensCy, can help!

43% of data breaches involve small and medium-sized businesses, yet most lack any type of cybersecurity defense plan. While no one can be 100% protected from a cyberattack, SensCy provides a cost-effective strategy that can be employed to significantly reduce your risk and ensure you can recover should an attack occur. Available to SBAM Basic, Premium, VIP and Elite members. They are your trusted guide throughout your cybersecurity journey.

Ask An Expert

It’s easy to directly ask a question to a SensCy cybersecurity expert through SBAM’s Ask an Expert web portal. A fact-based answer will be provided to you – completely free of charge. The Ask an Expert service is available for SBAM Premium, VIP or Elite members.  You must be logged in to view and submit a question through the portal below.

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Feeling Vulnerable? You Should!

If you don’t understand how to protect your small business – you’re in cybersecurity trouble.

43% of data breaches involve small businesses
424% increase in new small business cyber breaches last year
47% of small businesses say they have no understanding of how to protect themselves
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Deliverables you can count on.

Independently measure your cyberhealth with their assessment and provide you with a score.

Develop a prioritized action plan to help improve your cyberhealth.

Provide advice on how to correct any issues they find.

Dedicate a cybersecurity person to you who will speak in plain language.

Write a cybersecurity policy guide for your company.

Help with cybersecurity training for all employees.

Create a meaningful and manageable disaster recovery plan.

Perform external vulnerability scans and phishing campaigns, notify you of any concerns, and provide suggested remediations.

Monitor the Dark Web, notify you if any of your data or credentials have been compromised, and provide suggested remediations.

Coordinate and partner with your internal and/or external IT resources.

Share what they learn from our relationships in the broader cyberworld.

Assist you with your cybersecurity insurance coverage – to apply, properly fill out forms, make sure that ransomware is addressed, and what can be done to reduce cybersecurity premiums.

Offer cybersecurity briefings for your leadership team, key stakeholders or board members.

Recommend specialized vendors to help address specific areas of need, at discounted costs whenever possible.

Your trusted guide for cybersecurity health.

Price options based on your company size and cybersecurity needs.

Contact us today to ask our SensCy representative to review your cybersecurity vulnerabilities and explain how they can provide affordable solutions for your company. Available only to SBAM Basic, Premium, VIP and Elite members.

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SensCy is your trusted guide for sensible cybersecurity and will improve your company’s cyber health by providing a high-value, easy-to-understand solution through continuous personal interactions, technology, unbiased referrals, and education.

SensCy is made up of senior executives who have over 100 years of IT and cybersecurity experience and are recognized experts in the field. Company management also has extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise where the founders have started and managed multiple successful startups raised capital and have served thousands of customers.