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Small Business Supplier Opportunities

New Business Opportunities

Becoming a supplier for the State of Michigan is now easier than ever! Qualified businesses can register with the State and be entered into a supplier database that will be utilized for projects $500,000 or less. Being a small business gives you access to a variety of procurement opportunities! 

Do Business With the State of Michigan

The Michigan Supplier Community — or MiSC for short — was established in 2019 to encourage expanded business opportunities within low-income communities and underutilized business areas. Eligible companies can join the MiSC program for free. Which companies are eligible?

MiSC Opportunities for Small Business

MiSC program has two primary goals: to increase opportunities for qualifying vendors and simplify the bidding process. It allows State of Michigan agencies to get three quotes and purchase directly from vendors for select purchases up to $500,000. MiSC solicitations are not publicly posted on the State’s SIGMA VSS system. Eligible companies can join the MiSC program for free by  updating their SIGMA VSS profile.