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SBAM Advocates for YOUR Small Business

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SBAM and its members recognize that political action is essential in promoting and protecting an environment where private enterprises can exist and grow.  The Small Biz PACs are critical components to a successful advocacy program.  The PACs provide necessary funds to promote issues and candidates that support small business in Michigan. 

You can help protect your small business and help bolster Michigan’s entrepreneurs by getting involved today. 
You have a business to run, so the team at SBAM constantly monitors issues affecting small business so you don’t have to.  SBAM also helps to give you and other small business owners a voice in the democratic process by connecting members with influential policymakers.

You can help protect your small business and help bolster Michigan’s entrepreneurs by getting involved today.

SBAM has an easy way for you to contact your elected officials. Take action now and voice your support for small business by:
  • Contacting your legislators
  • Examining voting records   
  • Locating your elected officials
  • Tracking key issues
  • Learning about elections

Legislative News

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    Legislative tour highlights clean energy efforts at Bell's Brewery, WMU and KVCC

    On Friday, February 6, Sen. Margaret O’Brien and Rep. Brandt Iden hosted a clean energy bus tour to highlight clean-energy projects in Southwest Michigan that save businesses money and create jobs. [ 02/16/2015 ]
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    SBAM praises Gov. Snyder’s proposed funding for career and technical education, skilled trades

    Gov. Snyder’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget recommendation includes new investments of nearly $36 million dollars for enhanced educational opportunities, college and career planning, and skilled trades training. Combined with existing programs, next year’s budget proposes more than $83 million for career and technology education and skilled trades initiatives. [ 02/11/2015 ]
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    SBAM supports YES vote on Prop 1 road funding proposal

    The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) board of directors today voted unanimously to support a YES vote on Proposal 1 on May 5.  [ 02/06/2015 ]
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    Clean Energy Update

    In last Tuesday’s State of the State address, Gov. Rick Snyder highlighted energy as a priority for 2015. One of Snyder’s goals is reducing energy waste—helping small businesses reduce their energy costs while reducing pollution. For many small businesses, energy can be one of the biggest costs of doing business. [ 01/26/2015 ]
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    SBAM praises focus on skills training

    The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) supports Gov. Snyder’s Jan. 20 state-of-the-state address emphasis on prioritizing enhanced technical skills training in the state. [ 01/21/2015 ]
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