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Complete Human Resources Solutions

These human resources solutions offer invaluable support to small business owners by providing access to expert advice, offering guidance on complex HR issues, and helping small businesses maintain a fair and legally sound workplace. By leveraging HR services from SBAM, small business owners can focus on their core operations, foster a positive work environment, and navigate the intricacies of human resources with greater confidence and efficiency.

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Training & Development

Optimize job performance, improve retention, and increase career satisfaction by developing your organization’s leaders and future leaders with ASE training and development courses. SBAM offers our members a discount code at time of registration of a course. Please log in as a Premium member or higher to view the code below.

ASE  is the only pre-approved HRCI provider in Southeast Michigan, a SHRM recertification provider, an IACET Authorized Provider, and a Michigan Proprietary School. Classes are offered in-person at their Novi and Troy locations and virtually.


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Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook serves as a crucial document for businesses by providing a comprehensive guide to organizational policies, procedures, and expectations. It fosters a clear and consistent communication channel between employers and employees, ensuring everyone is aware of the company’s values, code of conduct, and employment guidelines.


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Pre-Employment Screening Services

Pre-employment screening services allow small business owners to make informed hiring decisions and mitigate potential risks. These screenings help verify the accuracy of applicants’ credentials, assess their criminal history, and ensure a safer and more reliable workforce, contributing to the overall integrity and success of the business.

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Workplace Posters

Displaying a labor law poster is a legal requirement, ensuring that employees are aware of key information such as minimum wage laws, workplace safety guidelines, and discrimination policies. Failure to display these posters can lead to fines and legal consequences, making it crucial for small business owners to stay compliant with labor laws and create a transparent and informed work environment.


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Please note: The services provided by ASE are for SBAM’s Premium, VIP and Elite members. You must be logged in to gain access. If you would like more information on membership, please let us know.