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The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is working with Consumers Energy (CE) and DTE Energy (DTE) to provide enhanced energy services to small business across Michigan with the SBAM Energy Solutions program.  Small businesses have access to special services that can help your small business become more energy efficient. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! SBAM Energy Solutions provides you with personalized assistance as you navigate the ins and outs of energy management.
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2021 SBAM Energy Solutions Program Stats

    262 Total Assessments Completed
          $389,607 in Total Rebates
       $676,390 in Total Energy Savings

Consumers Energy Resources

Your energy savings can make a big difference to your bottom line. That’s why we offer energy efficiency programs designed for small business.

Energy and Beyond

As we navigate these current challenges together, we also want you to know Consumers Energy is there for you when you’re ready to grow or expand your facility or operations.

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DTE Resources

Special Resources from DTE Energy:

Current Promotion! DTE Grocery provides no-cost energy assessments, technical assistance and financial incentives and rebates to grocers interested in lowering their operating costs by reducing energy use in the areas of refrigeration, lighting and food service equipment.

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Smart Thermostat Program for Business

Join the community of Michigan businesses earning incentives for automatically shifting energy use during times when demand is high. Get $75 just for enrolling and $25 at the end of each season you participate. Here’s how it works:

  • When you sign up, we’ll sync to your thermostat to learn the settings that keep your customers and employees comfortable.
  • We will schedule Energy Savings events on the coldest winter days (up to 10) and the hottest summer days (up to 14), when energy use is at its highest. This keeps energy costs safe and affordable for you and your community.
  • During an event, our smart technology will shift your thermostat by a few degrees to pre-heat or pre-cool your business using your preferences, and typically will last four hours. This keeps you comfortable before, during and after the scheduled event and helps save energy. Don’t worry, you always remain in control of your thermostat and can adjust at any time.
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SBAM members like Golden Limousine are using the valuable services provided through SBAM Energy Solutions. Contact Chad Huson to schedule your free assessment today.