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Biden’s Bad Numbers May Not Mean Red Wave

April 12, 2022

New national polling data suggests Democrats have every reason in the world to believe that their president is a drag on the mid-term election for them, but the suggestion that the Democrats will be drowned by a GOP red wave this fall is not born out by the data published by the Quinnipiac pollsters.

First, the president is underwater on all fronts. His job rating nationally is 38%-53% negative. 9% are undecided.

His conduct on three key issues is as followed: Economy 35%-59% negative. COVID conduct 48%-47% positive. Response to Ukraine invasion 42%-50% negative.

There is a theory that if you separate the person, Joe Biden,from the issues, the public may feel better about him. Is that the case?

The polling would suggest no.

Asked if he cares about the average person? It’s close, 48% yes and 49% no.

Is he honest?  44% yes.  50% no.

Does he have good leadership skills. 39% yes. 57% no.

Regarding the Red Wave data, it suggests it is much closer than thought by some.

Respondents were asked which party should control the U.S. House. A 44% plurality said the Republicans. while 43% said the Democrats, making it a dead heat.

In terms of control of the U.S. Senate,  46% want the Republicans and 44% favor the Democrats, again making it too close to call.

Both parties in Congress are worse off than the president as 29% like the GOP congressional members while 61% do not. 58% reject the Democrats while 35% support then.

The survey also asked if Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should sit out any cases relating to the 2020 election based on his spouses personal involvement in the issue. The results show 52% said yes and 39% said no.

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