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Give your employees something your health plan alone can’t – financial security.

Rising deductibles are costing employees their peace of mind, to the point where some avoid care completely. That’s why we’ve partnered with HealthBridge – the first solution of its kind.  HealthBridge free to any SBAM member enrolled in our sponsored Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan or Blue Care Network health plan. If you’re not enrolled in our sponsored insurance program, but still want to sign up for HealthBridge, click here to view pricing!

HealthBridge is an employee benefit that complements your current health plan. When your employee or covered dependent has a medical claim covered by their health plan, HealthBridge pays providers directly for the patient portion on their behalf. HealthBridge then sends members a consolidated monthly statement, plus friendly repayment terms, giving your people financial security and flexibility to pay for their portion of care.

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HealthBridge is a first-of-its-kind benefit solution that enhances a company’s health plan. With HealthBridge, employers can offer their health plan with a financial security benefit that gives members confidence to afford their out-of-pocket medical expenses. Members have guaranteed access (no credit checks) and even more friendly repayment terms than ever before.

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Through SBAM partnership, the participants in your company’s health plan can become HealthBridge Members at no cost to you – or them.  You can help your employees and their families stay well – physically and financially with the HealthBridge Program which gives HealthBridge Members:

  • Equal access to friendly, flexible payment terms to pay for their portion of covered medical services.   No applications.  No credit checks.
  • A discount any time they pay their account balance in full.
  • 0% interest for members choosing to pay their account over time.  (Minimum payments apply.)
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