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How To Be a Communication Superstar: Develop and Deliver Better Business Presentations

Course Code: SBSHCK_24015

Everyone is “selling” something. The ability to craft effective messages and deliver them in a manner that prompts action is key to success. This course will help participants research, develop and present information in new and engaging ways.

This course will be held in Grand Rapids (exact location TBD) on January 13, 2025, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The course minimum is 8 people, and the capacity is limited to 20 people. 

Whether it is a conversation, a small audience, or a large group, CK’s Formula for Great Messages helps hone soundbite communication. Participants will complete an assessment to help tailor the course to the participant’s needs. They will be assigned pre-work and given access to videos to jump start the learning process and build the foundation for the course. There will be several opportunities to get up and present. The content blocks will include: 

  • Identify the audience, purpose and types of presentations 
  • Top five presentation mistakes and how to overcome them  
  • How to incorporate the techniques for opens and closes  
  • Use of language, non-verbal communication  
  • PowerPoint visuals and props  
  • Develop a practice routine 
  • Dealing with presentation anxiety 
  • Ways to interact or solicit comments from the audience  

 This course would be beneficial to any employees that must present content or sell products and services. 

Point Value: 5