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Minicourse: How to Cultivate and Communicate Culture

Course Code: SBSHCK_24016

Today’s organizations are reeling from issues related to the pandemic and social unrest. They are seeing employees feel isolated and losing touch with customers in an increasingly virtual world. This course explores the four types of culture, why culture matters, and how to put communication in place.

This course will be held virtually on January 15, 2025, from 9:00am to 10:30am. The course minimum is 10 people, and the capacity is limited to 40 people. 

It’s a terrible truth. Employees don’t believe in their organization’s values or know how to live them. While many organizations value culture there is often a disconnect when it comes to culture. What does it mean to change a culture? Is it a realistic goal? Who leads a culture change? What is the role of team leaders or executives? This course explores: 

  • How do organizations cultivate or communicate culture 
  • How communication makes the difference 
  • What and how to communicate and the vehicles 
  • How to communicate to different generations who care about different things 
  • Building culture in a virtual world  

After attending this course participants will be able to discern the strength of their culture, assess their current communication vehicles, and create a plan for programs to develop or change.  

This course would be beneficial to leaders, HR or other employees that are charged with corporate culture. 

Point Value: 1