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Stop Wishing. Start Leading: A No Nonsense, Straight Talk Session for Women Leaders

Course Code: SBSHCK_24013

This course will assist women with skills that can help them personally and professionally. It’s critical for women to understand the corporate landscape, myths surrounding women and leadership and why women sometimes do not achieve the success they desire. It’s vital to understand barriers and strategies to navigate them to be a successful leader

This course will be held virtually in two half-day sessions on September 24 and September 26, from 8:00am to 12:00pm. The course minimum is 8 people, and the capacity is limited to 20 people. 

Successful leaders have a mindset. This course will explore the characteristics of the mindset and how they impact women. Leaders also need to examine the three levels of leadership and the choices that accompany them. Participants will complete a self-assessment and other pre-work ahead of the course. This will help to tailor the sessions and content to the participants’ level of skills. Some of the content blocks include: 

  • Introduction to leadership & tips  
  • 11 traits of successful leaders and the art of balancing them (speed round – your leadership strength) 
  • What great leaders don’t do 
  • Be a strategic thinker  
  • How do you influence others 
  • Communicate with power  
  • Let’s talk – how to have better business conversations  
  • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • Taking criticism 
  • Handling tough situations  

Knowing when to change course and evolve 

This course would be beneficial to women owners, supervisors, and those who are looking to advance their careers. 

Point Value: 4