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Small Biz PAC – Who We Are, What We Do

June 10, 2024

For better, for worse – it’s an election year! For some people that literally makes their skin crawl; for others it’s exciting. Here, at SBAM, we take the election process seriously, and so does our Small Biz Political Action Committee (PAC) Board. Through a tried, true and trusted process, our small business leaders ask tough questions, vet answers, review voting records and support candidates that demonstrate the intent to carry the small business agenda in Lansing.

Working shoulder to shoulder with legislators that want to make Michigan the best place to operate a small business is imperative to our advocacy efforts. That’s why we’re taking a moment to share with you how our Small Biz PACs make a difference and how YOU can play a vital part in our success.

SBAM’s legislative agenda is set by small business owners through our Legislative Action Council (LAC), allowing us to focus on issues that will most impact Michigan’s small business community. SBAM’s PACs work to support the efforts of the LAC in helping to identify and fund candidates that will carry SBAM’s pro-small business agenda.

Our PACs are directly involved in political races at the state level across Michigan and focus on supporting candidates that will represent small business, regardless of political party affiliation. Our campaign assistance for SBAM-endorsed candidates comes in the form of direct contributions, media ad placements and grassroots-level advocacy that has proven to be game changing for political candidates across the spectrum.

To be direct, SBAM is the leading voice for small businesses in politics and policy, which makes the investment in our PACs vital to the work we do on your behalf.

We Raise

Since the founding of our Small Biz PACs, we have continuously demonstrated that we are a powerful player in Lansing by having the second largest business focused state-wide PAC. Last cycle we invested over $205,000 in pro-small business candidates, but we won’t be satisfied until we are number one.

We Win

Out of the candidates that the Small Biz PACs endorsed last cycle, 82 percent of them went on to win their elections – one of the best-win ratios of fellow business organizations.

We Build

Donor support allows the Small Biz PACs to make influential decisions during elections, which then gives the SBAM advocacy arm strength in leading coalitions and supporting small business policies.

We have an aggressive goal to raise $200,000 by the end of June this year. We would be honored and grateful for you to join in this endeavor. Please visit to learn more.


By Kelli Saunders, SBAM Vice President of Policy & Enagagement; originally published in SBAM’s May/June 2024 issue of FOCUS magazine

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