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Ask the HR Expert

August 1, 2019

Drug testing

Question – If a drug test comes back “negative dilute” does that mean it is negative?

Answer – No. Over-hydrating before a drug screen can cause a negative dilute result. This result can also be caused by the subject trying to cheat the test.  Most employers will send the subject for a second test if the initial result is negative dilute. Best practice for a second test is to require the subject to go for the collection within 24 hours or less of being notified of the requirement for a second test. For Department of Transportation (DOT) testing they will allow a second test.  A second result of negative dilute is considered a negative result, and you may not send the person for additional tests. For non-DOT testing it is up to the employer on how they want to handle the situation. Typically, a second negative dilute would be accepted as a negative result as it is with DOT testing.

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