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Payroll & HR Solutions

Talent Tracking Made Easy!

Ahola’s HR professionals are here to support your recruiting and hiring efforts by updating and managing your job posts in the Applicant Tracking System. Not only will they screen resumes, and choose qualified candidates for review, they will also conduct initial phone interviews and pass qualified candidates directly to you!

Our Applicant Tracking Support Services save you time within your current hiring process and remove the burden of sifting through unqualified resumes. With this service, you will only receive the most qualified candidates to interview, and reduce your time spent on the first few stages of the recruiting process.

Our team of experienced HR professionals will keep you updated on your current candidates and send detailed reports on the recruiting progress, with metrics including the number of applicants, outreach percentage, phone screens scheduled, and more!

  • Conducting a recruiting needs assessment with an HR Professional
  • Review of open positions and necessary skill sets
  • Job description review and creation, if needed
  • Creating job posts on multiple boards
  • Updating and maintaining job posts every month to ensure the most applicants
  • Building knock-out interview questions into job postings
  • Candidate review and classification in isolved Attract and Hire
  • Conducting initial candidate phone screens
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Attract, Hire & Onboard

It’s difficult to attract and hire talented people, but Ahola’s robust recruiting and hiring isolved module, Attract & Hire, improves the process, and provides real results. The Job Board Push tab allows you to push jobs out to Indeed Sponsored, Job Board Favorites or free Automated Boards. This will schedule your jobs to push within 48 hours. Any job boards requiring payment will be pushed after payment is received.

  • Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click
  • Attract better candidates
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Improve the applicant experience

And once your new employee accepts your offer, getting them immediately connected to your company in a streamlined, positive process is important to building your team and improving performance for your business. The isolved Onboard & Develop module is ready to help you reduce your workload and keep your employees focused on the right things. It provides real-time analytics and status reports, configurable templates, and wizards to ensure consistency and compliance – all at your fingertips – for connecting with employees in more meaningful ways.

  • Seamlessly manage all documentation, including I-9 forms
  • Increase data consistency
  • Avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency
  • e-Verify available

Strengthen your workforce with top talent and bring new hires onboard seamlessly!

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Total Workforce Management

SBAM Payroll & HR Solutions powered by Ahola easily scales to include time tracking, benefits enrollment, applicant tracking and onboarding. By bringing the essential functions of payroll and HR together in a unified technology, Ahola simplifies your people management. All the critical functions are in one database so you no longer have to deal with exporting, importing or clunky integrations.

  • User friendly online payroll system
  • Federal, State & Local payroll tax calculation and filing
  • Dedicated Payroll Specialist for your account
  • Employee self-service with online access to paystubs
  • Third party check payments such as garnishments and child support orders

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Live & On-Demand Webinars

Ahola regularly hosts free, live and on-demand webinars on varying topics like payroll, tax compliance, human resources, trending topics, and news.

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Member Testimonial

Ann Arbor Arms | Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Ahola HR Solutions has been nothing but amazing for us! We’ve been with them just under a year and they’ve went above and beyond to ensure we are all trained and comfortable using their system. All of our contacts are always available via phone or email. Our HR and payroll runs so smoothly because of their support and knowledge. Paula, Corinne, Sheila and Chris have been such a huge help and we know we can always count on them. Their services and company are highly recommended!”
Alicia Fauver, Operations Coordinator

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Contact Chad Huson by email or phone at (517) 267-2219 to learn more.

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