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Minicourse: Is it Time for a Communication Makeover?

Course Code: SBSHCK_24008

This course will focus on the five things companies need to do now to pivot their internal and external communications, and what companies should stop doing. We will look at what is trending in communication vehicles, some simple ways to conduct research, the pros and cons of doing it yourself or hiring pros and how to go digital.

This course will be held virtually on August 6, 2024, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. The course minimum is 10 people, and the capacity is limited to 40 people. 

There is a direct link between great communications and business outcomes. This course will describe the issues facing businesses today including more communication channels, virtual audiences, the need for speed, and people do not read. There are various communication needs and opportunities with internal and external audiences to be explored. These include:  

  • Recruitment and retention videos  
  • Training – internal processes and portals for customers  
  • Virtual events – product launches, demos, co-branded webinars  
  • Thought leadership 

This course will highlight the role of leaders in communication (when leaders should be out front) and the role of the communications team (creating the vehicles and developing the skills of communicators). This course will explore the production process so that an organization’s staff can direct outside resources or choose to do some work internally. 

This course would be beneficial to communications, sales, and marketing staff. 

Point Value: 1