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Anatomy of a Brand Workshop (Cohort 5)

Course Code: SBSHCG_24022

A dynamic 3-part workshop designed to elevate your business's brand presence. Dive into branding, learn how it differs from marketing & advertising, and uncover what makes you not just distinguishable, but remarkable! Engage in interactive sessions to refine your strategy and have confidence in communicating who you are and what you sell.

This course will be held virtually in three 90-minute sessions on March 4, March 11, and March 18, from 10:30am to 12:00pm. The course is limited to three participants per cohort. 

If you’ve ever felt you know your business has the potential for growth and/or charging more for your product or service then understanding your true brand offering is an important step. In this course, you’ll dive deeper into understanding all the components of a brand beyond the obvious triggers like the name and logo. You will be guided through exercises from helping you gain insight into how you and your competition look to customers, to identifying your true benefit to the customer and how to express your business personality. You’ll discover and gain confidence in your real differentiation. 

This course would be beneficial to business owners (or staff trusted with veto rights who have a deep understanding of the full dynamic of the business and strategy insight needed for growth). 

Point Value: 4