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Focus on Business TV Show

Focus on Business TV Show

Join your host, Lisa Smith from InVerve Marketing for a show dedicated to the small businesses of Michigan. You’ll hear from experts on a variety of topics as they explore the impacts on business; human resources, marketing, taxation, health, technology, legal issues, political issues, talent, money, operations, and much more.

Focus on Business airs Sundays at 11:30am on WLAJ.

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COVID-19 & Small Businesses pt.2

In this week’s very special episode of Focus on Business we learn how small businesses are navigating their way through the COVID-19 crisis. What types of measures are being put into place to ensure small businesses can remain operation during this difficult time? Find out from SBAM and get informed! Sponsored by: Providence ConsultingPollicella Tompkins PLLC and Small Business Association of Michigan

Original Air Date: April 5, 2020

COVID-19 & Small Businesses

COVID-19 is impacting businesses in ways never seen before. Watch FOUCS on Business as Lisa Ellen Smith does in-depth interviews with Rob Fowler and Brian Calley for the latest updates from SBAM.

Original Air Date: March 29, 2020

Succession Planning

This week’s episode focuses on the importance of succession planning. Guests include Ginny Sherrow, owner of Fenton Winery & Brewery and Jessica Starks of Transworld Business Advisors.

Original Air Date: January 26, 2020

Business Culture

This week’s episode focuses on business culture and how it can increase profitability. Guests include: Bob Fish, Co-CEO and Founder of BIGGBY COFFEE and Keith Huckaby, President, TGG Solutions. Sponsored by: Michigan Bankers AssociationProvidence Consulting, Pollicella Tompkins PLLC and Small Business Association of Michigan.

Original Air Date: December 1, 2019

Intellectual Property

Learn how to protect your IP and get great advice on marketing and branding in this week’s episode. Guests include Jacqueline Langwith and Denise Pollicella of Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan. Sponsored by: Michigan Bankers AssociationProvidence Consulting, Pollicella Tompkins PLLC and Small Business Association of Michigan.

Original Air Date: November 24, 2019


Our guests discuss their definitions, how they lead within their businesses and how leaders can find support and move up the ladder. Guests include: Rob Fowler, CEO, Small Business Association of Michigan, Bill Kimble, President, C2AE, and Alba Contreras Rodriguez, Owner & President, FonS, Focus on Solution, LLC.

Original Air Date: November 17, 2019

From Business Owner to Elected Office

In a recent study, 72% of people believe that locally owned businesses were more likely than large companies to be involved in improving their communities. Learn how small business owners serve their community in this episode! Guests include: Brian Calley, President, Small Business Association of Michigan. Michigan State Representative’s Tommy Brann and Donna Lasinski

Original Air Date: November 10, 2019

Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workforce

How important is your physical space? What if you need to borrow, renovate or change your work environment? Find out what to do in this week’s episode! Featured guests include: Caile Richards of Small Business Association of Michigan, Brook Hall of Gordon Advisors, P.C., Rick Laver of Cinnaire, and Craig Wieland of Wieland Construction.

Original Air Date: November 3, 2019

Commercial Real Estate

Deciding to lease or own your business space is a big decision. That’s why we brought in experts to help you understand what you should consider when choosing the location of your business. Guests include: Brook Hall of Gordon Advisors, P.C., Craig Wieland of Wieland Corp, and Rick Laber of Cinnaire.

Original Air Date: September 22, 2019

Energy Management

Energy management and energy planning are areas that can greatly benefit your business. Learn what resources are available to you in this week’s show. Guests include: Scott Ringlein of The Energy Alliance Group of North America, Steve Klaver DBI Business Interiors, and Steve Trecha of Integrated Strategies Inc.

Original Air Date: September 15, 2019

Competitive Employee Benefits

Are your businesses benefit offerings competitive enough? Learn about innovative benefit opportunities that help small businesses compete for talent. With great insights from our guests: Scott Lyon of SBAM, and Eric Brogan of Brogan Reed VanGorder & Associates.

Original Air Date: September 8, 2019


This week’s episode is on Embezzlement. What should you do if this happens in your business, and how can you prevent it? Thanks to our guests from Pollicella TompkinsManer Costerisan, and Capital Insurance Services.

Original Air Date: September 1, 2019

Women in Manufacturing

This week’s episode features some of Michigan’s most successful and inspiring women in manufacturing. Hear how they identified a need and turned it into a business. Thanks to our guests from Stormy KromerSISU Mouthguards and Thegreenglovedryer for sharing their experiences.

Original Air Date: August 25, 2019

Fractional Resources

This week’s episode focuses on how to grow your business with fractional employees. Guests include: Sarah Jennings of Maner Costerisan, Don Lee of Chief Outsiders, Terea Renaud of Outsourced Sales Management, and Rick Wilson of The Integrator Group.

Original Air Date: July 8, 2019

Family Business

Think family businesses are all mom & pop shops? Think again! Tune in to learn all about the impact that family businesses have in this week’s episode of Focus On Business! Guests include: Erick Stewart of Stewart Industries and Steve Klaver of DBI We Do Office.

Original Air Date: June 30, 2019

Ask the Expert

In this episode, business owners ask questions of Marketing Technology experts about how MarTech can help their business. Guests include: Dan Tyre (HubSpot) Duane Forrester (Yext) and Jason Dodge (BlackTruck Media and Marketing).

Original Air Date: June 23, 2019


This week we brought in experts from HubSpot and Yext to discuss Marketing Technology. Learn how today’s marketing technology can build your sales and improve your customer’s experience.

Original Air Date: June 16, 2019

Scaling up with EOS

This week’s episode breaks down the question of when you’re too big to be small and too small to be big. This show is about how to traction in your business with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Join us for a show featuring Chad Paalman (NuWave Technology Partners) and Sue Tellier (JetCo Federal Supply).

Original Air Date: June 9, 2019

Talent & Retention

Talent and retention is on the mind of most small business owners. Join us for a show featuring Edythe Williams (Capital Area Michgan Works!), Brian Calley (Small Business Association of Michigan) and Sheri Welsh (Welsh & Associates).

Original Air Date: June 2, 2019

Show Me the Money

Most businesses will eventually face the hurdles of accessing capital, this week’s episode focuses on ways to finance your business! Featuring special guests Tim Jewell (Eaton Federal Savings Bank) and Constance Logan (Michigan U.S. Small Business Administration).

Original Air Date: April 7, 2019

The Modern Workplace

Technology has empowered employees and employers to work virtually anywhere. Once you make the decision to offer Alternative Work Schedules, what’s next? Featuring special guests Jeff Dettloff (Providence Consulting), Phil Zeller (Dale Carnegie) and Michael Burns (American Society of Employers).

Original Air Date: March 31, 2019

Small Business Cybersecurity

This week’s episode focuses on cyber attacks. 88% of organizations feel like they are losing control of their data. Focus On Business talks to the experts to find out how to get some of that control back! Featuring special guests Sara Wurfel (Truscott Rossman), John Mashni (Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.) and Jeff Detloff (Providence Consulting).

Original Air Date: March 24, 2019

Michigan Future Business Index

Find out what the newest survey reveals about state economy projections, and how your business can adjust in order to contribute to Michigan’s flourishing economy. Featuring special guests Chris Holman (Michigan Business Network) and Rob Fowler (SBAM).

Original Air Date: March 17, 2019

Women in Business

This week’s episode focuses on how women business owners have made an impact on Michigan’s small businesses. Featuring special guests Lisa Speaker (Speaker Law Firm, PLLC) and Karen Gallagher (Wellness Institute of Michigan).

Original Air Date: March 10, 2019

Smokin’ Hot Issues

This week’s episode is focusing on the smokin’ hot issues that business owners are dealing with because of new legislation on minimum wage, paid leave, new taxes, and of course the new marijuana law. Featuring special guests Brian Calley (SBAM), Katie Hamilton (Maner Costerisan) and Denise Pollicella, Esq. (Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan).

Original Air Date: March 3, 2019