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SBAM & TechTown Detroit Partnership

SBAM is proud to have a Strategic Partnership with TechTown Detroit OPS+ in which we work together to offer human resources and financial services that will help with efficiency, reduce employer risk and increase your bottom line by reducing business costs.

TechTown clients are members of SBAM at the Premium level and can take advantage of solutions such as our Pooled Employer Retirement Plan and composite rating for your BCBSM/BCN small group coverage. Our Member Care team is here to help with questions related to your monthly insurance invoice and handles administrative tasks on your behalf.

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Pooled Employer Retirement Plan

Employers from all industries and sizes can band together and participate in a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) instead of sponsoring a traditional 401(k) plan. The SBAM PEP is cost effective and outsources administration and liability to reduce your fiduciary risk.

We’ve negotiated exclusive savings for our members including:Start up plans may be eligible for up to $5,000 tax credit to cover the TAG annual administrative fee (for 3 years).

  • Additional $500 annual credit for three years when a business establishes a retirement plan with automatic enrollment.
  • No initial set up fees.
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Composite Rating for BCBSM

composite rate for health insurance refers to a method of determining premiums for a group health insurance plan.

Instead of assigning individual rates to each member of a group based on their age, gender, and other factors, a composite rate provides a single premium rate for all members of the group, offering a fair and equitable opportunity for all employees.

This approach simplifies the premium-setting process for group health insurance, making it easier for employers to manage and predict costs. Best of all, SBAM can guide you and your insurance agent through this process!

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Member Care Team

The SBAM Member Care Team offers an online service portal that provides our members and their insurance agents with helpdesk support that includes smart automations to help to get things done faster!

Send your enrollment changes, billing questions, new business paperwork, and Dearborn claims through the SBAM Service Portal and we will provide you with real-time updates and transparency for where in the process your ticket is with our SBAM Member Care Team.

Our team of experts brings harmony to your employee benefits, insurance, compliance and human resources. Contact us today for the solutions you’re searching for!

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TechTown Detroit is an incubator and accelerator that helps tech startups and local businesses launch and grow. Businesses are supported with coworking and office space, meeting space, and event space.

TechTown Detroit also connects entrepreneurs to resources, and learning and networking events in Detroit. TechTown Detroit’s Tech Startup Programs can help with proof of concept, incubation, and commercialization services.

TechTown OPS+ offers everything from payroll administration with all tax filings to talent management and HR compliance. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, your time and energy are critical. TechTown Ops+ lets you focus on what you do best, and they handle the rest!

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