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2/3 Of Dems, Republicans, Independents Agree: Democracy In Danger

September 6, 2022

At a time when there isn’t much unanimity on any issue comes a national poll revealing there is agreement that the U.S. Democracy is in danger. In virtually every subsection of the electorate the vast majority are saying yes.

The data is from the latest Quinnipiac survey showing that 67% of registered voters say they believe it is in danger which is up from 58% in January.  

 The results span the political spectrum as 69% of the Democrats and Republicans who participated in the survey agree. Among independents, 66% agreed, among college graduates, 68% agree. Among non-college educated folks, 71% agreed democracy is in danger.  However, there is a slight gender gap with just 58% of men answering in the affirmative while 76% of the women are in agreement.

 The trend continues across all the age groups, inching upwards with 62% of those 18-34, 66% of those 35 to 49, 69% of those 50-64 and 73% of those over 65 worrying about the future of Democracy.

Among racial lines, 70% of whites and 69% of Blacks and 58% of Hispanic voters fear the worst. On an unrelated issue, when it comes to which party should control the U.S. House and Senate, the numbers show Democrats at 47% – 43% for the Senate. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5%.

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