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2024 Candidate Questionnaire

The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) asks candidates for state elected office to answer the following questionnaire for consideration of endorsement. Completion of this questionnaire is required to be considered for an endorsement and/or financial support.

This questionnaire will be referenced to assist our Small Biz PAC Board throughout our endorsement process by educating and informing our PAC Board members about your positions on issues of importance to small business owners. SBAM’s endorsement philosophy is to support candidates who actively work to support small business growth and provide Michigan with an entrepreneurial economy. Other factors that may be considered in the endorsement process include recommendations from our members, voting records of incumbent and/or past serving legislators, and qualitative consideration of the viability of your candidacy. We also realize that in some situations, there may be multiple candidates meeting our criteria for endorsement in the same district. In those cases, the PAC Board may decide not to make an endorsement or to support multiple candidates. Upon receiving notification of a Small Biz PAC endorsement, it may then be used at the candidate’s discretion.

To learn more about SBAM and our positions on issues please click here.

The deadline to complete the questionnaire is Friday, May 3rd by EOD. If you would like to provide a more in-depth response or want to share any additional information that you feel we should know, please email us directly. This questionnaire will be used by our Small Biz PAC Board to help determine recommendations of endorsement. The questionnaire will not be released to the public and is used for internal purposes ONLY.

Kelli Saunders 
Vice President of Policy & Engagement

Jacob Manning
Grassroots Coordinator & Policy Advisor

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