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4 Ways to Engage and Retain Millennials

January 29, 2020

Courtesy of The Ahola Corporation

Many companies don’t cater to the particular needs of the younger generation and are losing them in droves as a result. Like any demographic, these young adults have their own expectations for their workplaces.

These are a few dos and don’ts to help your company engage and retain millennials.

Flexible work environment

Millennials aren’t the suit and tie generation that their parents were. They feel more comfortable in casual, laid-back workplaces. So whether that’s casual dress, or allowing them the flexibility to work from their laptop, it’s a good idea to move toward a more flexible workplace if you hope to attract younger workers.

Upward or lateral mobility

Many Generation Y’ers will get cold feet if they feel their career is screeching to a halt. Make sure they’re aware of the possibility for promotions, or that they can change job titles and take on new responsibilities. This will keep them engaged and comfortable with the future in a company.

Training and educational opportunities

If they aren’t consistently challenged in their careers, millennials can grow bored and restless. Create training opportunities and a budget for continuing education. Allow them ways to improve their skills, and they’ll be more likely to put them to good use with your company.

Frequent feedback

Millennials grew up in an environment of constant feedback. Without praise or constructive criticism, they often have a hard time knowing where they stand with a company. If you’ve noticed that they do something particularly well, tell them. If there’s something they can improve upon, say so. They thrive on regular performance reviews, and providing that feedback will boost their confidence and sense of security.

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