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5 Signs Your Company Culture Could Be Toxic

May 31, 2023

Courtesy of SBAM-approved partner AHOLA HR Solutions | Payroll

An organization’s culture is the sum of values and beliefs that a company promotes and performs. Did you know that 40% of employees say company culture is more important this year than it was in 2020? But how do employers know if their company culture is trending positive or negative? Here are five signs that suggest you need a culture reboot.

1. Nonexistent Employee Engagement

Engagement shows employees are invested in their careers- and with the company they work for- which is likely why HR leaders ranked employee engagement programs as the number one way to improve company culture within their organizations.

2. Little or No Flexibility

HR leaders say providing a flexible working environment is the second-best way to improve company culture.

3. Stressed Employees

Following remote work environments, HR leaders ranked stressed employees as the next top threat to a positive company culture.

4. No Room for Growth

Workforces have a yearning for learning. In fact, 28 percent of employees prefer that employers engage them through learning opportunities in 2021.

5. Poor Performance Review Processes

In a survey of full-time employees, performance reviews were ranked as a top area of improvement for HR departments this year.

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