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60 by 30

March 25, 2019

By Brian Calley

A decade ago Michigan‘s biggest problem was a lack of available job and career opportunities for our citizens. Today, from large to small, we consistently hear that businesses cannot find enough people who are qualified to fill all the job openings. That’s quite a turnaround. But today’s talent shortage is among our biggest inhibitors of economic growth.

At her State of the State address, Governor Whitmer set a “60 by 30” goal. This means that she wants 60% of our population to have a degree or high value professional/trade certification by the year 2030.

There’s a strong correlation between regions that obtain that level of post high school education achievement and those that have consistent, resilient, and strong economies. This is an appropriate goal to shoot for and the Small Business Association of Michigan is working directly with her administration, and now the legislature, to craft policy to achieve that goal.

Recently, SBAM convened several business organizations to discuss principles we would like to see embedded in programs to help more of our people find opportunity in well-paying, rewarding careers. The context of this discussion revolves around studying best practices in states like Tennessee that have blazed a new trail in advancing graduating students and adults to higher level educational levels, including two and four-year degrees and high value occupational and trade certificates.

We will be sure to keep you up-to-date as these ideas and policies advance through the legislative and budget process. Our end goal is your success. And more than ever, that means ensuring that we have the workforce needed to accommodate your growth.

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