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Action Alert: Tell your legislators you support Right to Work

December 6, 2012

Michigan, as evidenced by the recent growth of small business jobs in the state, has begun its economic recovery. Since January 1st of this year, small businesses have filled over 13,000 jobs. The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) credits this positive employment news in large part to the legislative efforts that eliminated burdensome regulations, eliminated the job-killing Michigan Business Tax and established a new simple, fair and efficient Corporate Income Tax.

These measures have gone a long way toward making Michigan a better place to do business relative to the 49 other states. We have another opportunity to declare that Michigan is open for business by standing with the 23 other states that have enacted Right to Work legislation. Right to Work simply offers workers a choice. Contrary to popular belief, Right to Work will not outlaw collective bargaining, as it is protected under federal statute. It will not prohibit a person from joining a union. It provides freedom in the workplace to choose whether to pay union dues that will go to various purposes that union bosses see fit, or have that money stay in the hands of earners and be used to drive our economy.

We fear that there may be attempts to carve out special groups in this legislation through the amendment process.  Such measures could lead to a Supreme Court challenge due to the fact that any special treatment to any particular groups could potentially be in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

Right to Work is the next step in the awakening of a more prosperous Michigan. The time has arrived to pass this historic legislation. SBAM has long been in support of moving Michigan to a Right to Work state.  SBAM urges you to contact your state legislators to ask them to support Right to Work Legislation without any special treatment amendments.  

SBAM stands ready to assist you in communicating with your elected official.  Complete information, as well as a sample letter is available.  Please click here to register your support for this very important small business reform effort.  

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