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Advice on improving your sales! Listen today on the free Business Next audio seminar

August 10, 2012

Friday on Business Next, SBAM’s Vice President Communications Michael Rogers talks with Perry Ballard, founder of Manage Perceived Value, about the interaction between small business products and services and how to leverage that to improve sales. Also today, Patricia Salo of the Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center talks about the New Venture program that helps people start small businesses in southeast Michigan. And, Michael interviews Robert Kamal, owner of KoHorts IT services, a fast moving company in the field of mobile device marketing; and Toby Brzoznowski, Executive Vice President and company co-founder of LLamasoft, to learn more about his supply chain management company, its growth plans and insights for small business owners hoping to do a better job handling their supply chains.

Listen Friday at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. on the Michigan Business NetworkSBAM members can log in and listen to archived programs anytime on a PC or mobile device by going to the Business Next show page.   

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