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Are Your Employees Engaged?

February 24, 2023

Courtesy SBAM approved partner, ASE

A report from Gallup finds that large numbers of workers, especially Gen Zers and young millennials, are not engaged with their jobs. That could make their climb up the career ladder harder, as well as hurt companies’ overall performance.  The Gallup survey of roughly 67,000 people in 2022 found only 32% of workers are engaged with their work compared with 36% in 2020.  The share of workers found to be “actively disengaged” has risen since 2020, while the share of those in the middle — those considered “not engaged” — has remained about the same.

Engagement had been rising in the decade before the pandemic, following the Great Recession, but started to fall in 2021.  Younger workers have seen a bigger drop in engagement than older ones. Those under 35 reported feeling less heard and less cared about at work. Fewer Gen Zers and young millennials reported having someone at work who encourages their development and fewer opportunities to learn and grow.

While engagement dipped across a wide swath of workers, the biggest declines were among what Gallup calls “remote-ready onsite workers” — those who could do their jobs from home but are working from the office.

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Source: NPR 1/25/23

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