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Are Your Managers an Asset?

January 23, 2023

By Tom Jackson, courtesy SBAM Approved Partner ASE

One of the top five reasons employees leave jobs is because they don’t like their immediate boss. So, with an estimated 25-40% percent of employees saying they would like to change jobs in 2023, it might be a good time to assess what kind of frontline managers your company has.

A good manager is a great asset to both an organization and its employees. Not only are they able to manage their team well, but they also possess some strong leadership skills that can have a positive effect on those around them.

It’s difficult sometimes for people to know the signs of a good manager and how to easily spot them. Employees seek to work with an individual that can show empathy and help them grow career-wise. So, it’s a very important topic to discuss.


To move forward with your business, you have to employ the right managers. Good managers are important to every organization. They are a critical sign of a good working environment. So how can you easily tell the good ones from the bad ones? Here are some of the signs of a good manager:

  1. They are good listeners. A good manager is a good listener and enjoys giving attention to others. They are able to listen more than they speak. This could include giving room to those they supervise to share their ideas. They welcome such creativity and are always willing to learn from others. They try to listen always to know others better so they can build a stronger connection with them.
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