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ASE Releases AI Survey Results Highlighting Employers’ Adoption and Concerns in Michigan

May 21, 2024

The latest ASE survey reveals that only a quarter of Michigan employers are currently using or planning to implement AI in HR, with significant concerns about reliability, data privacy, and bias.

Troy, MI – May 16, 2024 — ASE, one of the nation’s oldest and largest employer associations, has released the results of its AI Survey. The pulse survey of Michigan employers assesses HR’s usage of AI in organizations. Below are the highlights of that short pulse survey.

Highlights of the ASE AI Survey include:
  • Of the 180 organizations that were surveyed, only about a quarter (24%) currently use AI in HR or have plans to implement AI-based products in the next year. Roughly half (52%) do not use AI or have plans to implement AI-based products in the next year, and the other 24% are unsure.
  • Companies with 100-500 employees were found to be using AI the most, with 43% of them responding that they either currently use it or have plans to implement it. Alternatively, companies with less than 100 employees were found to be using AI the least, with only 8% using it or planning on it within the next year.
  • The most popular areas that organizations are currently using in AI are Recruitment and Talent Acquisition (47%), Training and Development (23%), Performance Management (14%), and Predictive Analytics for HR (e.g., turnover analysis) (14%).
  • The most popular areas that organizations have plans to implement in AI include Predictive Analytics for HR (e.g., turnover analysis) (44%), Training and Development (33%), Recruitment and Talent Acquisition (26%), Employee Onboarding (26%), and Compensation Management (26%).
  • Survey results show that there are significant concerns about the usage of AI. Among all company sizes, the most common concerns are Reliability and Accuracy (63%), Data Privacy and Security (61%), Bias and Fairness (52%), Trust and Acceptance of non-HR Staff (36%), Cost to Implement (34%), and Transparency and Explainability (34%).
  • For those companies either currently using AI or planning to, the majority either do not have a team dedicated to AI implementation, training, and monitoring (39%) or are unsure (38%).

The survey results were announced by ASE President & CEO, Mary E. Corrado. “The use of AI is still in the beginning stages for its uses around the employee lifecycle, but it is no doubt on the rise. When used properly it can create great efficiencies in work with a profound impact on productivity,” stated Corrado.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Background information on the ASE AI Survey

180 organizations from across Michigan participated. Organizations with less than 100 employees or fewer made up 39% of the survey sample, while organizations with between 100-500 employees represented 45% of the sample. The remaining 16% of the sample came from organizations with more than 500 employees.

About ASE

ASE is Michigan’s trusted partner for Everything HR.  ASE is a non-profit, membership organization – everything we do is based on the needs of members and drives the success of those organizations.  ASE strengthens the HR function by offering member benefits and discounted services that span the entire employee lifecycle including recruitment, development, and retention while minimizing compliance risk. We provide our members with guidance through new legislation and workplace issues as they occur. Learn more about ASE at


By Heather Nezich, courtesy of SBAM-approved partner, ASE.

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