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At Least 50% In-Office is Optimal for Hybrid Work

September 23, 2023

According to new research from McKinsey, spending half of working time in the office is the ideal setup for hybrid work, as it gives employees the flexibility they crave without the isolation of working remotely full-time.

Throughout 2022, the management consulting firm analyzed data from its roughly 4,000 teams working around the world, including behavioral data and anonymous surveys, and found that working on-site 50% of the time — either at a client site or an office — works better than an all-or-nothing approach. “When over 50% of time is spent in-person, we see trade-offs begin to emerge,” Katy George, McKinsey’s chief people officer and a senior partner at the firm, tells CNBC Make It. “Individuals and teams have less flexibility, time for recovery, and opportunities to do focused work.”

The research found that when workers spent at least 50% of their time together in person, it vastly improved mentorship, collaboration, trust between colleagues, retention, and overall team performance. “Our research shows it’s the ‘hybrid sweet spot,’” George says. On the flip side, working remotely two to three days a week gave employees more time for focused work and improved teams’ feelings of psychological safety and belonging.

Courtesy of SBAM-approved partner, ASE.
Source: CNBC 8/25/23

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