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Mental health resources for small businesses

May 1, 2024

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM) is providing small business employers and their employees a variety of resources to help them get the help they need.

The complex issues surrounding mental health, including substance use disorders and suicide, are affecting Michigan residents of all ages and backgrounds. BCBSM has created resources and tools to address this public health crisis and connect you and your employees to trained mental health professionals.

Please click here to watch our 30-minute recorded webinar with BCBSM which reviews in detail all the mental and behavioral health care resources available to you and your employees. Additional toolkits, guides, and webinars are listed below.

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Mental Health Resources, Tools and Coverage for Your Small Business

BCBSM provides access to everything from self-guided mental health tools to virtual care options, as well as care navigation resources and specialty programs to guide small business owners and their employees on a positive path to manage their mental health wellness.

As an SBAM member, you and your employees can choose from a variety of BCBSM and BCN plans tailored to deliver personalized care management, clinical guidance and customer service solutions to make your employees’ specific health care challenges easier.

A Behavioral Health Awareness Toolkit, Well-Being Webinars, and Virtual Care are among the tools and resources that play a vital role in supporting you as a small business owner help your employees in their mental health awareness journey.

Available Resources

Behavioral Health Strategy Webinar: In this 30-minute webinar, Shalini Khandelwal, Director of Behavioral Health Strategy, discusses Blue Cross’ advanced behavioral health capabilities that prioritize member well-being, streamline care coordination, and drive positive outcomes. Click here for a PDF of webinar slides. with links.

Behavioral Health Awareness Toolkit: Paying attention to your employees’ whole health is important. This includes their mental health. Use this toolkit to guide them to resources and Blue Cross behavioral health professionals in times of need, and learn tips for talking to employees about mental health and substance use concerns.

Virtual Care: Virtual visits with licensed therapists, psychologists, social workers and counselors, and U.S. board-certified psychiatrists from the comfort of home at a convenient time.

AbleTo: A virtual behavioral health provider contracted with your health plan that offers convenient and confidential mental health care to meet you where you are.

Quartet: A free resource that can help connect to outpatient behavioral health care.

Behavioral Health Care Options: Your BCBSM/BCN health plan gives you access to a variety of care options and resources to treat mental health and substance use disorder conditions. Options include in-person treatment, virtual care, free resources, and more.

Virtual Well-Being Webinars: Open to the public, these 30-minute live webinars provide a different topic each week in a discussion-based format with supporting research and downloadable content to help employers improve workforce well-being.

eMindful Program: Available through Blue365® at 50% off, this program lets your employees access live, online sessions taught by experts to build skills to care for their mental health.

Let’s Make a Difference

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other signs of concern can directly affect physical health outcomes. By addressing the stigma of mental illness, focusing on mental wellness, knowing the signs of mental illness and substance abuse, and preventing suicide, we all make a difference during Mental Health Awareness Month and throughout the year.

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