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Mangiardi Films LLC

Mangiardi Films LLC is a trailblazing film production company, deeply committed to enriching the cinematic landscape by integrating deaf perspectives into the wider hearing world. Based in a thriving cultural center, this innovative company specializes in a diverse array of content, including documentaries that explore the intricacies of deaf culture and feature films that seamlessly blend sign language and visual storytelling. Founded by a visionary Adrean Mangiardi, Mangiardi Films LLC champions inclusivity and representation, not just by providing a platform for deaf talent but also by bridging the gap between deaf and hearing audiences. Their approach to filmmaking emphasizes the unique contributions of deaf perspectives, enriching narratives with a deeper understanding of non-verbal communication, and offering fresh, nuanced insights into the human experience. By doing so, Mangiardi Films LLC not only makes their films more accessible but also fosters greater empathy and awareness among hearing viewers. Their portfolio, a mix of commercially successful and critically acclaimed projects, reflects their dedication to high-quality, inclusive filmmaking that resonates universally. Mangiardi Films LLC's commitment to showcasing deaf perspectives in the hearing world is not just an artistic choice, but a powerful step towards a more inclusive and understanding society.

Geographically Disadvantaged Area

NAICS Code: 512110

(248) 301-1674
50 Greenbush St Ste 203
Manistee, MI
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