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Prosper-Tech, who serves commercial customers in the medical, defense, aerospace, and space industries attracts those looking for a boutique experience with a long-term partner. Focusing on customer-designed hand-held size parts from prototype through production, the company specializes in tackling high feature counts and part complexities using aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, armor plate, inconel, and other metals.

Competitive advantages include utilizing robotic machine tending through pallet automation systems to maximize capacity and minimize quality deviation. The company operates under a certified AS9100 OMS and is NIST 800-171 cybersecurity compliant. Its MES/ERP system allows for efficient job processing and streamlined process control. Value-add options include laser engraving, sinker EDM, media blast, light assembly, packaging, and a supplier network which includes part finishing.

The company utilizes a skilled workforce model with journeyman machinists and engineers using automation to minimize operator level positions. More than 60% of Prosper-Tech's workforce is under 35 years old.

Located in Macomb County, known as the "heart" of Michigan's Defense Industry, the company offers freight shipments nationwide to serve customers outside its region. With a solid production system in place, redundancy in critical multi-axis machining centers, and an existing infrastructure available for capacity ramp-up, the company is in a strong position to grow and be sustainable for years to come.

NAICS Code: 332710

(586) 727-8800
69160 Skinner Dr, Richmond, MI
ZIP Code