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Change Your Marketing to Match Market Changes

July 30, 2020

Courtesy of 3Sixty Interactive

It’s no secret that consumer behaviors have changed dramatically over the past 3 months. But, as a marketer or business owner you need to figure out how these behaviors have changed and what those changes mean for you. It’s important to understand these changes so that you can adjust your marketing strategies to fit the new behaviors of your customers.

First, by no surprise, the use of the Internet to get information has skyrocketed. According to Pew Research, 53% of Americans say that the Internet has been essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, 34% of Americans said that the Internet was important. More people are online then ever before and they are consuming vast amounts of information and entertainment.

People that actively use social media platforms said they would increase their usage of YouTube if they were confined at home. 39.4% said significantly more while 24.3% said they would watch more YouTube content slightly more if they were confined at home.

With this trend, it may make good sense to adjust your marketing budgets to run some pre-roll ads on YouTube, targeting your customer profiles.


US retailers online sales have been up over 68% as of mid-April and mobile devices are the most popular device used for online purchases. 72% of consumers are using mobile devices for purchases.

Are you sure your website is working properly on all of today’s current mobile devices? Are you running any campaigns focused on mobile platforms? If you’re not or you’re not sure, now is certainly the time to make an adjustment to your marketing strategy.


74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized! That according to Instapage

If you’re not personalizing your website visitor’s experience, you will lose them to someone that is. Personalization can come in a number of forms:

  • Offers: By using visitor data you can make unique offers to people based on a criteria that makes the most sense for your business. Offers could be personalized for past customers, new customers, customers buying something in a product category that they’ve not used before.
  • Content: Even if you’re not selling something online you can personalize your site’s visitor by serving up personalized content on your website based on visitor segments that make the most sense for you and your visitors.
  • Navigation: Show navigation options based on your visitor segments. Remove the menu items to areas that aren’t a fit for specific segments. As an example, if you sell products in the healthcare and the manufacturing sectors. Setup your data properly so that people you can identify as being in the healthcare sector don’t see the information about manufacturing.


There’s no question that marketing is going to undergo a large shift when this pandemic diminishes and businesses will be able to once again grow but it is going to require a drastic re-evaluation of marketing strategies and a shift in the way that business gets done. Digital will become a much more important component of everyone’s marketing efforts. If you’d like to talk about your digital marketing strategy and how to improve your results from digital, let’s set up a time to talk.

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