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Chateau Chantel Virtual Wine Tastings

November 24, 2020

This winter, move indoors and stay safe in your own home or office.  Company holiday parties, corporate sales pitches with a twist, family celebrations – pick a theme and Chateau Chantal will cater to your tastes with virtual wine tasting packages. Choose 1-6 bottle packages with your desired wines or private-labeled wine, paired with snacks, and shipped directly to the guests. Designed for groups of 10+.

Each package includes a Certified Sommelier or Wine Edutainer on hand for up to 1 hour to lead your group through a wine tasting designed with your goal in mind.  We’ve performed several multi-session experiences with large corporations to date, all to rave reviews!

Support Michigan wines with Chateau Chantal’s virtual tasting opportunities. All wines are made from Michigan grapes and vinified at the Traverse City winery.  No further sales pitch will be made to your guests, simply a special discount code should they wish to order more!

“Our company has been struggling to keep customers engaged. We normally have lots of technology seminars and in-person events.  COVID-19 has made this difficult. While discussing the idea of doing tastings in general, we wanted to make sure it was very engaging and entertaining.  We decided to feature a local product, and Michigan wine came to mind. Having visited Traverse City in the past, the choice was easy, Chateau Chantal! We utilized their Sommelier services and featured three full bottles of wine along with a few snacks and their wonderful Malbeque BBQ sauce. Our offerings from Chateau Chantal’s Winery made it easy to get our customers signed up and engaged and was a first for our company.  Marie-Chantal’s fun, laid-back virtual tasting made the event enjoyable, comfortable, informative and educational. Customer interaction during the event was 100%. Within days, our sales representatives saw immediate results in customer engagement and calls were up over 150% week over week.  We saw an immediate increase in proposal requests and proof of concept conversations. While our sales cycle from first call to close of sales is typically 6 months for our product, traffic for this event increased to our company more than some of our in-person events. We are confident that this event will increase ROI by 10-fold, by the immediate feedback we received since holding the event. You can’t go wrong with this. A shout-out to Marie-Chantal & her staff. We highly recommend this.  We have done two events and have two more on the table.  We have decided to buy some of their higher end products as gifts for our top sales representatives. That is how popular their products were!”

– Marc Speziale | Business Development Specialist, CDW

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